Welcome to my reality, which at times can seem like fantasy, but it is all so real to me that I can no longer tell the difference between the two. Many of my stories are steeped in long-held, Deep South traditions and filled with warm people in even warmer places. Places to watch good-looking guys shuck oysters with their muscles rippling, where I swear the tequila worm is as crunchy as a pickle. Places where most people can start an argument in an empty house, but make up with everyone and then some over fried shrimp and Jack Daniels.

My cast of characters are always modeled after people I have met or perhaps even loved and my stories are based in a world that alternates between sidesplitting laughter, struggles to near tear your heart out, and beating the odds in a proper, southerly manner.

My tales tend to move with me in my somewhat nomadic existence. Across continents to new worlds. But everywhere I go, I still look at my surroundings through my favorite, steamy, rose-colored glasses. So whether Berlin or Baton Rouge, Toulon or Tulane, Lech or Lake Charles, the wanderings in which you, the reader can join in, remain as eccentric and loveable as ever.

Come on in!